9 11, 2017

In Memory of W.T. Brown

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W.T. Brown became a member of the Teamsters Union in 1974. During that time, W.T.Brown worked in San Francisco’s automotive industries, overseeing inventory and revenue control at a myriad of work-sites throughout the City.  In 1992 W.T. Brown was part of the “Ernie Yates Slate” which brought new, dynamic leadership to his struggling trade union.   

25 10, 2017

Honoring the memory of our brother, Dan Varela

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Local 665 joins our sisters and brothers throughout the Teamsters Union and organized labor in honoring the memory of our brother, Dan Varela. Dan passed away after a long and courageous battle with cancer, on October 11. Dan was not a member of Local 665. His membership over 40 years included Teamsters Locals 70, 78,

17 07, 2017

Mike Logamarsino recognized for his contributions to labor

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Teamsters Local 665 recognizing Mike Logamarsino and his contributions to Labor. Mike is being honored by the San Mateo Labor Council for his efforts in putting the fight for labor during his time as a Business Agent and a Labor Worker.