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Thinking about joining a union? Did you know that any workplace can Unionize?

Get the Facts: Union workplaces provide better pay, better benefits, and job security.

  • On average, Union workers make 20% higher wages than Non-Union workers.
  • Union workers are 30% more likely to have health care than Non-Union workers.
  • Union workers are 60% more likely to have employer provided pensions over Non-Union workers.
  • A Union contract provides job security so you cannot be wrongfully terminated.

How to Unionize in Northern California and the Bay Area

Teamsters Local 665 represents working members in 9 Counties in many diverse industries in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area.  If you are thinking of unionizing your workplace, the first step is to contact us to discuss the process.  All correspondences will be confidential. We will partner with you and use our strength in numbers and our longstanding experience to expertly negotiate a contract on your behalf for better wages, better benefits, better working conditions and job security.

Join the over 2.5 million Union members in California and see the workplace improvements we can make for you.

Speak to an organizer to see how your workplace can benefit from becoming Union. Take action now for a better future.  All correspondence is confidential.

Below are the counties we service and their respective the Business Agents.

Counties We Serve