In Memory of W.T. Brown

W.T. Brown became a member of the Teamsters Union in 1974.

During that time, W.T.Brown worked in San Francisco’s automotive industries, overseeing inventory and revenue control at a myriad of work-sites throughout the City.

 In 1992 W.T. Brown was part of the “Ernie Yates Slate” which brought new, dynamic leadership to his struggling trade union.     

W.T. Brown was an elected officer of Teamsters Local 665 in San Francisco from 1995 through 2007. As union trustee W.T. Brown reviewed and approved business expenditures incurred by the Local.

W.T. Brown was an elected delegate to the 26Th International Brotherhood of Teamsters Convention in 2001.

Throughout his career W.T. Brown added insight and leadership to contract negotiation sessions affecting his brothers and sisters at the work-site. Countless Teamsters benefited by his wisdom and strength.    

Today, we mourn the loss of our brother, W.T. Brown, and we extend our condolences to our Brother Brown’s wife Clara, his entire family, and we include the Teamsters among of his many friends.