Currently, some Rental car employers at SFO are actively promoting “anti-union” discussions at Our Airport.

However, San Franciscans and public policy require that contractors performing work on property at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) maintain ‘Labor Harmony’.

This clearly means any efforts to undermine collective bargaining rights are contrary to this policy.

Rental Car workers DEMAND that ALL employers in the Rental Car industry immediately cease this activity, or, failing that, leave the SFO rental car facility at the end of their lease in 2018, so that labor harmony is maintained at SFO.

We ask all San Franciscans, and elected officials, to strongly support our position by opposing the renewal of leases at SFO of any rental car company promoting union busting activity.

Please show your support for all the hard working men and women at SFO and help protect their jobs and their rights!