Tony Delorio, Vice President, Teamsters Local 665 met with Anand Singh, President, Unite Here local 2, and other local labor leaders to discuss the ongoing strike where over 50 Local 665 members have been affected.  Teamsters Local 665 is proud to report that 100% of our members refuse to cross the picket line and continue to stand in solidarity with our fellow brothers and sisters at Local 2, as the 7 Hotel strike enters its second week.  The Executive Board of Local 665 has approved $200 payments to all members who have been out on strike during the first week.  Teamsters Local 665 has members at 5 of the 7 Marriott owned hotels.  They are The Marriott (Union Square), Westin St. Francis, St. Regis, W Hotel and the Palace Hotel.

Each day, Tony Delorio visits each hotel at least 3 times to help picket, to talk to leaders of Local 2 and Teamsters Local 856, as well as ensuring that all valets are non-union.  Stay tuned for more updates as teamsters Local 665 continues to fight.