What is the number one reason why you would want to be in a Labor Union? The simple answer is for job security and job protection.
CA is an “At Will” State – meaning an employee can be terminated for no reason or any reason at all.
Under a Union contract you are protected from being terminated for unjust reasons and Union members have a voice.
If there is no Labor Union, there is no contract, and you are on your own – its between you and your employer.
Example: In 2008 non-union group of 20 fired because the employer decided they no longer needed them.  They all lost their jobs.
That employer could not do this under a Union contract which is a legally binding contract enforceable by law.
Your wages, medical coverage and layoff protection are specified under a union contract and cannot be changed by the employer.  A Union Contract is typically 3 to 5 years.
Any worker here in the US who is working every day should consider maintaining their union employment or joining a union.